The creators

The Space Otters webcomic is written by Katherine Arathoon and illustrated by Aemon Cannon. Email us at

We created Space Otters as homage to two of our favorite topics: Star Trek, and pioneering naturalists from Darwin to Audubon. 

The inspiration

Most of the animals in Star Trek are referenced in pithy one-liners:

Dax: “I can make your com image look like a 3,000-ton screech rhino.”
Q: “How would you like to spend eternity as a Gorokian midwife toad?”
Quark: “He'll be humiliated, and slink away like a scalded targ!”

But how does a 3,000-ton screech rhino move? What gives the Gorokian midwife toad its name? What is a targ’s favorite meal?

We pondered these questions during an epic 134-hour Next Generation marathon. Finding no satisfactory answers, we dreamed up the characters Octavio Briswald and Leonard Fitzmurdle and set them loose on the pre-Federation galaxy.

Space Otters is an affectionate parody. Any discrepancies between the Space Otters timeline and established Star Trek canon were caused by wormholes and temporal anomalies. 

The characters

captain briswald
lt. commander fitzmurdle

Captain Briswald
A bombastic gourmand with a penchant
for $12 words. Leads the expeditions. 

Lt. Commander Fitzmurdle
Official ship's illustrator. Provides the sober counterweight of scientific rationalism.

Together, these naturalists travel through space discovering strange new animals and, occasionally, eating them.


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