Denobulan lemur

Octavio Briswald’s field notes

February 26, 2113

The daytime bazaars of the Kaybin District are a tumultuous tourbillion of colors, smells, and charmingly rapacious capitalism. Despite the merchants’ best efforts, however, we had a nearly impossible task finding the specimen we wanted, or even communicating exactly what we were seeking. Apparently the two-headed variety of lemur is as rare yet unremarkable on this planet as a dog with heterochromic eyes would be back on Earth. Nor was I able to pursue my normal method of questioning, for though the vendors were often buxom and remarkably eager to please, we were afraid that overly-familiar contact would allow the natives to penetrate the falsehood of our Denobulan disguises.

Eventually, however, we stumbled upon a piece of luck—literally, in fact, when Fitzmurdle’s unintentionally well-timed slip in a pile of cave-yak dung brought forth a crowd of amused children. By the greatest good fortune, one of these scruffy urchins had the very creature we sought, tied by a length of string to the whippersnapper’s wrist and looking very woeful and malnourished. With a few firm words to her equally bedraggled parents, and the exchange of some local currency, we were able to pry the lemur from the clutches of its wailing owner and carry it off to the safety of the forest where our ship was hidden.

Fitzmurdle, bless his boots, has spent much of the last week nursing this beast, feeding it a complex formula of nano-microbial proteins and cuddling with it at night to maintain its body temperature. It shows exceptional devotion on his part, I must say, to pour so much energy into replenishing this creature to a state where we may fully appreciate the complex flavors of its roasted liver—a rare delicacy, I am told, and one I anticipate consuming with great eagerness.

Actually, I am not sure I have mentioned my gastronomic plans to Fitzmurdle, but I am sure he must be on the same page; unlike the lemur in question, we are always of one mind!



Other mentions: Denobulan lemurs are a source of controversy, being both adorable and full of delicious kidneys (ENT).