Carnivorous rastipod


Leonard Fitzmurdle’s personal log

April 6, 2115

Several false starts led to being variously headbutted, sat on, and chased up a tree into a jeraddonan beehive. But eventually I was able to able to reproduce the movements needed to ingratiate myself and pass unnoticed within the herd.

For the sake of scientific posterity, here are the motions:

  1. Bow to the alpha.

  2. Somersalt.

  3. Jump to feet and undulate upper body.

  4. Hop on one foot, clanging jaws open and shut.

  5. Bow to the beta.

  6. Waggle bottom left, right, then left again.

  7. Curl up in a small ball, making "peep peep" noises.

  8. More bottom waggling.

  9. Hop on other foot, waving jaws back and forth.

  10. Still more bottom waggling.

The commander, watching from a blind in a nearby cliff, entertained himself by transmitting a lively tune through my earpiece. Although the rhythm matched my own, this addition was not particularly helpful.

Other mentions: Kira’s walk has been compared to these animals. (DS9)