Saber bear

From: Captain Octavio Briswald
To: Admiral Margaret Jelamino

August 25, 2118


Must keep this brief as our transmission capacity is severely limited due to hypothermal radiation. However, I know the saber bear is a topic of great interest to you and our illustrious mission sponsors.

The toothsome saber bear

The saber bear is a fascinating creature, as unlike our Earth bears as it’s possible for a large, bear-shaped, befanged mammal to be. 

The bear is often accompanied by small birds called night-booming ingroths, with which it seems to live in symbiotic liaison. The bear’s incisive foraging disrupts a plentitude of insectivorous fauna, which the birds eat with gusto. As their exceptionally green plumage helps them blend in with their environs, they're able to lay eggs and rear their young in the shallow engravings the bear leaves behind.

At nightfall the birds earn their names by filling their caruncles with air and emitting the most sonorous roars. The noise echoes through the mountains and hilltops, and I cannot help but speculate what each call means -- are they crying for a mate? Lamenting a time long lost, embedded in their collective unconsciousness? Harmonizing with the electromagnetic frequencies of the infinite void?

I’m afraid I’m out of space but trust me, the bear is also extremely interesting.


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