Draxxan cloud viper

Octavio Briswald’s field notes

April 12, 2115

It is the most disconcerting phenomenon! The localized atmosphere on which the snake moves renders it completely silent. The first indication that it’s nearby is a chilly, moist sensation around the ankles, followed almost immediately by a sharp stinging as its teeth sink into your calf.

Luckily its venom has no effect on either of us, but it is exasperatingly hard to dislodge. The most recent time I was bitten, Fitzmurdle was indisposed. Unable to remove the pertinacious serpent on my own, I got into the bath with it still attached to my leg.

It proved capable of holding its breath for up to 15 minutes, but when I added foaming Kaladian thorn-flower gel to the water, it let go and slithered out, radiating disapproval from every scale.



Other mentions: T'Pol was once compared unfavorably to one of these. (ENT)