Degebian mountain goat

Octavio Briswald’s field notes

June 26, 2116

A malignant misery of a day. I'm going to bed, and if I never see another rocky outcrop so long as I live, that would be just fine.

Leonard Fitzmurdle’s personal log

June 26, 2116

The Degebian goat has two adaptations that suit it well for its rocky habitat. First, a network of microscopic hairs across the inner pads of its feet generate electrostatic forces, which bond it to the surface of the rock. Second, sharp dewclaws on the middle phalanx have a retractable grappling hook mechanism, which bore into the rock face for added stability.

We determined these findings based on close analysis of hoof imprints, scat, and follicle remnants. In-person observation was impossible, as the goat nimbly evaded sight at every turn. Fortunately, our ship's automatic long-range cameras captured one image, which allowed me to paint an accurate representation for our records.




Other mentions: Kor explained to Worf that a cliff ledge was more suited to a Degebian mountain goat than a Klingon warrior. (DS9)