Leonard Fitzmurdle's personal log

September 17, 2116

0500 hours
Quiet transport day. Briswald is preoccupied with the set'leth, leaving me to my own devices. I plan to start by recoupling all the thermalinks in the outsize starboard hydropod. It's been too long since they were initially coupled!

0740 hours
Very odd, made that previous entry and then fell straight back to sleep. Will skip the thermalinks for now, and move on to hybridizing the Pyrithian bladder orchids.

Might just have breakfast first though, feeling strangely peckish.

0920 hours
Spent the last hour watching the leaves in my Jumja tea swirling in the glass. Mesmerizing! I feel sure there's something one could glean about thermodynamic conjugate variables, if one watched them long enough.

Going to hybridize the whatsits of course, very important. Just going to take a short nap first.

1145 hours
Completely energized, ready to start in on the bladder orchid!

1257 hours
Okay, really getting up now.

1415 hours
Have you ever really looked at the root systems of the Golana melon? I mean really looked at them? They just keep branching and branching, and branching... If you stare at them long enough, it's like, you start to understand the fabric of the cosmos.


Octavio Briswald's field notes

September 17, 2116

The set'leth has adapted well to this new environment. She swiftly made herself at home on the bridge and has begun emitting the harmonic frequencies her species is known for. 

Her antennal emissions seem to have had a preternaturally strong effect on Fitzmurdle. I think I'll keep her on board a few days longer than planned; the poor chap hasn't taken a day off in months.



Other mentions: Praetor Neral owned a set'leth named Pensho (DS9). And O'Brien once offered Molly half a Golana melon (DS9).